2 Extreme 4 Me

The reason I am including my 2 Extreme 4 Me page here is because there are many beliefs, and
"creeds" if you will, that I don't necessarily agree with completely, but I still feel they deserve some coverage here, because how else can I explain any part of Right Wing Extremism without including every bit of information I know on the subject, whether or not I agree with it? I plan to use this chapter to give even the most extreme of right extremists the floor with what I can only guess is their version of their story, even if most have ruled them out as completely crazy. It helps me to form my own opinions anyway if I already know what their opinions are. Some of these theories go way over the deep end and venture a little out into insanity.

However, without a look at how extremists see themselves and their take on American history, we can only accept Hollywood's version of political events, racism, scandal and history, and we all know anything from Hollywood is just pure entertainment.